Breakfast is what we were always told was the most important meal of the day. It is so important that a lot of people even choose to have breakfast for dinner.

We eat eggs, bacon, waffles, toast, french toast, sausage....the options are endless. How about pancakes. Who doesn't love pancakes? I mean you can make them so many different ways. You can have a different kind every day of the week.

You can have healthy toppings or unhealthy. Again so many pancakes so little time. here are some of America's favorite toppings and the calories it will add to your pancakes.

Whipped cream is one of the favorites and you know it actually not that bad for you. It's not that dense so one tablespoon only has 8 calories. Not too bad at all. Just don't load more than that on your pancakes. You have to refrain.

Chocolate syrup is another favorite. Again another you don't want to get too crazy with as a tablespoon has 55 calories.

The best topping that made our list was of course fruit. Blueberries and strawberries are a fan favorite. Bananas make the list. I especially like mixing mushy bananas in with the pancake batter. That is my favorite way.

The top 2 favorite toppings of course are butter and syrup. They can pack on the calories easily. Butter has the most with 102 calories per tablespoon. Syrup which most people want a lot of has 52 calories so you need to be careful.

You can have you (pan) cakes and eat em too. You just need to not go too crazy with the toppings. They can be not so bad for you if you do it right.

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