Nobody really thinks of Halloween as a holiday for healthy eating. I mean you go to someone's house to Trick or Treat and they hand you a bag of broccoli or a toothbrush you are not leaving happy at all. Halloween is fun and all about the candy.

But you really can be a cool house in Sleepy Hollow and still not totally give the kiddos so much sugar that it sets them up for years of unhealthy eating. I mean there are some unhealthy candy bars and then there are even worse ones to hand out. It is all in perspective.

The more sugar a candy bar has the more the kids may love you, the parents not so much. They are the ones taking those "monsters" home all hopped up on sugar. So look for some decent candy to hand out without killing the sugar bank.

So the candy bars to maybe avoid this Halloween, the ones that have almost double the sugar intake of others can be substituted.

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The number one offender on the list is Three Musketeers. It's not even one of the best ones anyway. So this can be avoided most definitely. What is funny is most of them on the list may not even be your favorites anyway.

Let's face it, you buy your favorites. I mean if you have leftovers you want your favorites to snack on. Am I right? So maybe none of these would be on your shopping list anyway. The other unhealthiest candy bars rounding up the top five are: Milky Way, Baby Ruth, Chocolately Payday and Mr. Goodbar. I didn't even know Chocolately Payday was a thing but they just launched this summer.

So I guess play it safe and go out and buy everyone's favorite Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. They have protein at least and didn't make this list.

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