We are living in a weird time. The year 2020 has included many changes. A lot, not all of us, have gained a bit of weight. So many that it has a name. The Quarinteen15. Well guess what? We are over that and on our way to getting healthy again.

Gaining the weight was so six months ago. You know when all of this started. In some ways it seems like this time flew by. In other areas it seems....wow can 2020 just finally end? We are finally to the point that we need to do something for ourselves to improve our situation.

One way that we can take control of our situation is to make the steps to get healthier. Start our journey to losing some, if not all of the weight. There comes a time we realize we can not keep eating, drinking and not even trying to exercise.

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So what are some of the ways we are trying to be a bit healthier? Well the first step is we are trying to eat better. We are going to the grocery store to get fresh produce and cooking more at home.

In that same token we are also trying to drink more water. We are told to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. That can seem like a lot but sometimes we are not really hungry, we are just dehydrated. So instead of reaching for those chips how about grabbing a bottle of water and chugging that.

We also are trying to get more sleep. We know that our health starts with a good night sleep. Even if we can't get the quantity we want we can shoot for the quality. Now is also the time to look for new exercise routines. Get outside. Get to walking. Just whatever to get some of those extra pounds off.

So how have you found yourself cutting calories or working off the pounds? Comment below.

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