You might be surprised at some of the things that increase your chances of a second date.

With Valentines day right around the corner I'm sure you're already feeling the first date butterflies. Here are some interesting stats from to help you nail the first date and get on to the second one!

1.) 33% of singles meet online. That's a higher percentage than meeting through a friend, which came in at only 26%. Which is good news since you're 78% more likely to have a second date if you met online!

2.) If it's your first date with your new boo, try and keep the date at somewhere around two-and-a-half hours. Any longer than that and your chances for scoring a second date go down. So keep them guessing!

3.) Men think that first date should cost around $68. Woman expect it do be about $56... and both think that the second date should cost about $10 more than the first date so either way take them somewhere nice!

4.) If you order sushi on your first date it INCREASES your chance of a second date by a 170% (that's higher than any other food).

5.) Very few people think anything will happen with a first date. 59% of people say they don't expect to feel chemistry until date two. So, don't feel to much pressure!

6.) If you talk politics on a first date, your chances for a second date actually jump up to 91%. People like people with opinions.

7.) Over 80% say they are okay with talking about religion, gun control, or any other hot topics. They want to get the 'deal breaker' topics over with fast.

8.) Only 20% of men care if women know about sports, and only 10% of women care if their guy knows about pop culture. Don't talk about what you don't know, it won't help your case.

9.) 50% of people think that ending a first date with a kiss is totally okay. Good news!