Listen, I'm sure when you're getting ready to boost a car, checking inside isn't something you think about.

You wanna get in that car, hotwire it up and get moving as fast as possible.

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Well, that's what happened recently in Amarillo and it backfired in more ways than one.

No, I'm not saying the car itself backfired, the plan did.

Christopher Turlington, no relation to model Christy Turlington (we think), is accused of hopping in a car to go for a little joyride. He happened to find a bit of a surprise in the car though.

How about a kid? Yeah, that just happened. Police received a call from a convenience store at 2700 I-40 W about a car being jacked from the parking lot just shy of 3 pm. That was when they found out there was a child in the car.

Now, before we move further, there's a lot to unpack here. One, how did Turlington NOT see a kid sitting in the car when he approached it? Two, how old was the kid in the car? We don't know as that info hasn't been released yet.

Here's what we do know. Police received another phone call around 3:30 pm from an apartment complex. They said the child had knocked on the door asking for help. So we at least know it wasn't an infant or anything. This child knew what to do. Honestly, it makes it even more baffling that the child was old enough to do that because it tells us the child was bigger and easier to see.

Just two minutes later, police identified the suspect riding a bike around Western St. and Wolflin Ave. Apparently, he knew he had to ditch the car pretty quick after realizing what was inside of it.

Turlington has been charged with Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle and Abandoning/Endangering a Child.

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