If you have a question and don't have an answer you usually Google it.  Looking at the different questions, people have a lot of questions about snakes.

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Living in Texas we have a lot of snakes in the area and in the state and we tend to deal with snakes a lot differently.  Especially those that grew up in areas where snakes flourish.  Here are some of the most Googled questions about snakes.

Which part of Texas has the most snakes?

Texan Answer: Texas

Welcome to Texas state road sign at the state border

The real answer: Central Texas but in all honesty, snakes are everywhere in Texas.  This includes lakes and rivers.  A few may even be hiding in the Gulf and under a few pillows in the state.  There's a reason I check the toilet every single time before sitting down.

What happens if you touch a dead snake?

Texan Answer: every snake I touch is a dead snake

Dead snake in the snow.

The real answer: yes you can, just avoid the head area of the snake.  The slightest movement can trigger the reflexes of the snake and it can still deliver venom through its fangs.

Can you break a snake in half?

Texan Answer: Where's my shovel?

Polite Old Man
Dave Broberg

The real answer: you can cut a snake in half and possibly pull a snake in half but you can't break it in half.  The snake will die because it's not like an earthworm, a snake has blood flow to its entire body, and cutting it in half would break that blood flow.

Can you kill a snake by running over it?

Texan Answer: Have you seen my truck, what do you think?


The real answer: yes running over a snake can kill a snake.

Can you eat a snake?

The Texan Answer: Slurp!  That was delicious!

The real answer:  All snakes are edible if cooked properly

What happens if you pepper spray a snake?

The Texan Answer:  Forget the pepper spray, just hand me the salt and pepper it's time for dinner.

Siberian Photographer
Siberian Photographer

The real answer: snakes are reptiles, and reptiles are not affected by pepper spray like mammals.

What do you do if a snake is chasing you?

Texan Answer: stomp on its head with my bootheel

David McNew, Getty Images
David McNew, Getty Images

The real answer: if a snake is chasing you, make noises, scream at it, stomp, and it is possible to outrun a snake, but you better run fast.

How do you dispose of a dead snake?

Texan Answer: Lifts up pant leg and shows off boots as they start skinning the snake, then cut up the body and toss it in a fryer.  "Mmm, good eats!"

TSM Amarillo
TSM Amarillo

The real answer: bury it, burn it, throw it in the trash (you probably want to avoid this with venomous snakes, they can still deliver poison even when dead, so you don't want some unexpecting person sticking their hand in the trash and getting snake bit).

Hopefully, those answers were helpful.  If you have grown up in Texas at some point in time or in the future you will have some form of encounter with a snake.

Always be safe, and don't be stupid if and when you do encounter a snake.

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