Agriculture is expected to keep advancing in the future. The Texas A&M AgriLife and the U.S. Department of Agriculture had a conference in Bushland celebrating the 75 years of research past, present, and future.

The Research is important, it is the way we keep America fed. Water irrigation and cattle management were two of the ideas on the agenda in Bushland. The main goal for the agriculture committee is to continue to use less water, less land, and produce more food for the country.

Water usage was a big topic. Wireless infrared thermometers now can tell which areas of the crop need to be watered and what doesn't. The new technologies will and can help sustain the panhandle's water source for the long run.

Over the decades, Texas wheat yields have been on an increase. They've increased to 63 million bushels since 1930 and now an extra 2.6 billion loaves of bread can be produced from the same amount of wheat harvested. The expectations for our future farming are basically to stay up with the cutting edge technology.

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