UPDATE: United Supermarkets have now set designated senior shopping times. See their announcement below.

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My search for toilet paper in Amarillo led to my wife and I having a conversation and deciding to go ahead and load up on some supplies. Things like ground beef, eggs, milk, flour, rice, beans, and even boxed meals were hard to come by.

There's a lot of polish sausage and pancakes in my future.

As we were "shopping" we talked about how hard this has to be on seniors. We were lucky and missed the initial rush and were left scavenging the leftovers. I can't imagine anyone's great-grandmother being able to deal with the long lines, the crowded aisles, and sheer insanity.

Some grocery stores in other parts of the world, and some here in the U.S. have instituted "elder hours" or hours specifically set aside for seniors.

This should be something that every store should be doing. Set aside an hour or two at open and give those who can't compete with "Bob-Cut-Betty" and her need for bag of flour number 8 and carton of eggs number 6, which I have seen happening personally.

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that cooler heads will prevail in all of this. Until that time, I'm glad to see some places stick up for the most vulnerable among us. Not just for our seniors, but those with disabilities as well.

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