In the wake of all the school shootings that have taken place in recent weeks, all schools across the county are on high alert.

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An old social media post began circulating that talked about a threat to CHS.   CHS is an acronym for two different schools in the area, it could be Caprock High School or Canyon High School.  Either way school officials and police stepped it up to make sure that our children were safe.

According to a post on the Canyon ISD Facebook Page stepped up and went into action.

CISD has been made aware of concerning statements made on a social media post. CPD and APD are currently investigating the post. The statement appears to be focused on an AISD school, but any time a possible threat is received, we take it seriously. We will have a police presence in and around CHS today.

Luckily the threat did not have any credibility.  However, in this day and age, it is calming to know that our schools and law enforcement will take even the smallest threat seriously and make sure our children and students are secure.

Many steps have been taken in our school systems.  Just look at the schools around Amarillo.  They are all fenced in, and the only entry point is the front doors through the office.

My son has pointed out over and over again that he feels like he's in prison because of the security fences.  I remind him, that those security precautions are put into place to keep him and his fellow classmates safe.

Thank you again for the quick response, and for making our those children were kept safe.

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