A hoarding situation in Borger has turned into a nightmare for Amarillo animal shelters, and now they need your help.

A man taking in dogs and rescuing them went south as they started to get sick once the number grew too much. The animal shelters are in the middle of a rescue project for the dogs, but there are nearly 40 dogs that will need new homes.

If you didn't know, the shelters around here are pretty much at capacity, so taking in too many more animals will have them in a very sticky situation. With so many of these new dogs sick, they are going to need a lot of work to get them back to health. As the vet costs will undoubtedly be high, they'll be looking for ways to obtain other things they're in need of.

This is where we can all hop in and help. Items like towels and bedding are something all the shelters involved could use. Four of the dogs are pregnant and these items will be desperately needed as these babies are born.

Another way you can help is by fostering any of these dogs. With these shelters at capacity, bringing in nearly 40 new dogs will be impossible from a space standpoint and help standpoint. Fostering a dog or two will significantly reduce the stress for both the workers and the animals themselves.

If you want to help in any way, you can reach out to the four shelters involved by clicking on their pages below. Let's band together Amarillo!

Forgotten Dog League of Amarillo
Texas Panhandle Pet Savers
Second Chance Animal Rescue
Lost Pets of Amarillo

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