Amarillo is full of great businesses.  Many of these businesses are around to help save money.  However, a lot of these businesses are closing their doors due to not making enough money.

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Amarillo has already lost a few of these discount stores.  We have had Family Dollars close in town, as well as Tuesday Mornings.  Both were great for finding great deals on products used every single day.

Unfortunately, the closures are not ending.   In fact, another great discount chain has announced that it will be closing stores.

Big Lots

Big Lots Earnings Disapoints Investors, Stock Price Falls
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The company announced that due to elevated inflation, they would be closing stores.  Although the company has not announced which stores will be closing, they did shutter 50 stores in early 2024.  They are looking to close at least 40 more.  Their first-quarter earnings were not what they were expected.

Will Amarillo Survive the Cut?

Amarillo currently has two Big Lots stores and both always seem busy.

45th Near Bell


I-40 and Grand


We may lose one of the stores, especially if they aren't performing. Only time will tell if one of Amarillo's Big Lots or both will close their doors.

We keep hearing about big chains closing multiple locations, Red Lobster, Cracker Barrel, and Outback.   We may be starting to add chain stores to the list of businesses we might lose.

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It will be a sad day in Amarillo if Big Lots closes, they have affordable home decor and are a great place to shop for Halloween and Christmas.  Let's hope that our two stores survive the closing cut.

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