To say that a lot of places in the Amarillo area are short staffed is an understatement. We see restaurants and fast food places almost begging for people to come apply. Since the pandemic hit a lot of people just don't want to work.

Those that are working are being ran ragged. It doesn't help that some people are just sitting back collecting extra unemployment. That money is there for the people who need it. It's not there for you to decide you just don't want to work. That is unfair for everyone just trying to make ends meet and showing up to work everyday.

There are some places that are drive thru only because of this. They don't seem to have enough employees and its just better to only serve that way. I see Chick-fil-A and some Sonic's experiencing that.

We see a lot of servers going through a lot right now too. Come on people please be understanding. I saw a post that says most places are understaffed and to please be kind. So yes, let's remember that. We don't want to lose more places to eat because of this. It has already been tough enough on our local places.

I saw a restaurant owner post yesterday that they had fifteen interviews scheduled and only one showed up. How frustrating that has got to be. Restaurant owners and managers are doing what they can. As a society our workers have got to be better than this.

I will have to hand it to Taco Villa on Georgia. They are upping their game to get employees. I guess you can call it bribery. If is works it works. They will give you a $25 gift card just for getting an interview. Times are tough and they have to do what they can. Oh and just know you will have to show up for this interview too.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I think it is sad that we have had to come to this. I wish people would just work if they can. I know my daughter was unemployed from March last year until November. Of course Covid started it and then she moved during the process. The restaurant near her new home was not taking transfers. She ended up changing careers totally. She was miserable just sitting at home. She needed to get back to work.

Those who can work should. Go out and help out these local businesses. Oh and when I stopped by Taco Villa to get my photo for this story, I grabbed lunch too. It was a great lunch and they were as nice as always.

Please support our food places. Let's all be kind to all of those that are working. Oh and if you can work please do.

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