Amarillo, Texas is full of drivers, especially on I-40 and I-27.  Many people say no one in Amarillo knows how to drive.  No matter, Amarillo is one of the luckiest cities in the state when it comes to car insurance.

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Most of us have experienced a spike in our car insurance rates, some paying $200, $300, or even $500 more than we were a year ago.

It's crazy and it is killing the budgets of the average Amarillo resident.

Although this won't change the fact that car insurance is expensive, it might put your mind at ease that Amarillo is paying some of the lowest rates in Texas.

What is the Average Rate of Car Insurance in Texas?

The average yearly cost for full coverage is $1,885.   That comes to Amarillo drivers paying 14% less than anyone else in Texas.  Liability insurance in Texas is an average of $683 for the year, while full coverage is $2,205.

Looking at the national average rates, Texas is paying more at $2,205, while others out of the state pay only $2,008.  Part of the reason may be that Texas has experienced 44% of all weather-related incidents from 1980-2022.

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Right now in Texas, Texas Farm Bureau offers the lowest full-coverage car insurance.  Their yearly rate is $1,205.


Unfortunately, other than shopping around and finding the best rates and deals on insurance, the cost is still going to be outrageously expensive.  However, in the state of Texas, you legally have to have insurance on your car.  If caught, the fine is up to $350 for the first offense, and the fee to renew your license will increase.

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