Facebook was abuzz with concern this weekend over a dental clinic's sudden closing. A couple of these threads caught my eye in several local groups that I'm part of and I decided to see what the uproar was all about. After reading the first few posts, I really can't blame them. If the situation is true, quite a few patients of Sherwood Dental are out of some serious money and left with not one single answer for what the heck is happening.

After reading several different people's posts about this mysterious case of a "vanishing dentist", I decided to take a look for myself. So, I drove by their location on Coulter, and guess what? It does indeed seem to be closed....permanently, as per the sign on the front door.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Okay....the place seems to be closed, alright. This makes the question of "will these patients be reimbursed? referred? or have they been totally swindled? A medical facility shutting down without a word to their patients and vanishing with all the money paid for services yet-rendered is pretty dang serious.

I came across two different posts in two different groups, with each person saying that they had prepaid for services yet rendered and were given no notice about the closing or what will happen to their money. Each person has tried calling and have not found a single person to talk to about their planned and paid-for procedures as Sherwood's phones are disconnected and their website is down.

Former  patient of Sherwood Dental, Chelle Cassity, is the person who made the post that caught my attention about this whole SNAFU:

Ok y’all, I need help. I am a patient at Sherwood dental clinic. I prepaid for my treatment, almost 2500$. Without notice they have closed the doors to the business. No call, no letter, nothing. Phone lines have been disconnected, website has been removed.
Anyone know what I can do to get my money back?? Anyone else a patient there?
The other post was made on behalf of their mother, echoing Chelle's statement that patients were given no warning or any notice to call in regards to their pre-paid services, along with reporting disconnected numbers and no alternative method of contact made available. Another patient that is out money.

I know businesses have to close for various reasons. I get that. In this situation a letter should have been sent out from the staff. They should find some way to make it right for the ones that have paid thousands of dollars with no dental work to show for it.

Are you a former patient out money now that they have closed? Comment below.

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