Amarillo is teeming with diverse wildlife. With ongoing development, you may notice an increase in wildlife species relocating to your neighborhoods.

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Foxes are a form of wildlife you will probably see in your neighborhood.  Foxes tend to roam at night or in the early morning hours.  In the Texas Panhandle, you'll see gray foxes, red foxes, and maybe even a swift fox.

I have noticed that in my neighborhood we have several foxes that roam.  Foxes are usually pretty docile and won't attack a human unless they are rabid.  Now if you are a squirrel or a bird you might be in danger.

According to the Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center:

  • Pets are definitely not on the menu for Gray Foxes. They will often eat side-by-side with domestic animals. We have a lot in town and we are seeing juveniles more often right now. They are learning how to be adults.
  • Gray foxes prefer to eat birds (including chickens) eggs, rodents, rabbits…
  • They are the only member of the canine family with semi-retractable claws which makes them excellent climbers. So they will climb onto roofs and up in trees.
  • Seeing them out during the day in the spring/summer does not necessarily mean rabies. Often times it is the mom with nursing pups or who is pregnant needing extra calories to keep up the milk supply.
  • In the fall, you have the juveniles/teenagers learning how to adult. They don’t always make smart decisions.

Remember this: If you encounter a fox, it's best to leave them alone. However, if they are hurt or stuck in a fence, reach out to a professional. The best place in Amarillo is the Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

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