It's only a matter of time until Amarillo and Canyon merge into the glorious Microplex of Amaranyon.

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In other words, the city is growing, and it isn't going to stop any time soon.

Think about it, just a decade ago South Soncy was farmland as far as the eye could see. But now? This stretch of Amarillo has seen new places and businesses pop up, including Townsquare Village, Cinergy Entertainment, Verdure, etc. Along with the businesses, you may have spied the housing developments as well. It's called growth.

What's coming to Hillside and Soncy?

If you've spied some of the new construction at Hillside and Soncy, you may have wondered what could be going in there next.

I have the answer: Wendy's.

Amarillo is getting a new Wendy's and it's going in at Hillside and Soncy right next to Rosa's Cafe.  It'll be the perfect stop and more choices for those residents that live in the area.

Google Maps/Wendy's
Google Maps/Wendy's

Amarillo currently has seven Wendy's locations and Canyon has one. The Wendy's location at 4213 S. Western and the location at 34th and Coulter are both currently being remodeled.

This is just one more location to make getting those delicious square burgers and Frostys more convenient for more people.

This area and this side of town will continue to grow.  More and more businesses are moving into that area because more and more people have moved to that part of town. West Plains High School was opened this year, and because of this and the growth of this area.

I wonder what the area will look like in the next decade of change.

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