Most everyone seemed excited when this new business opened up in Amarillo.  It's a unique twist on something everyone loves.

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Only it wasn't your typical donut, it was a Mochinut.  We first heard about Mochinut opening a store in Amarillo in December of 2022.  The store officially opened, in January of 2023, so its been open for less than a year.

Melissa Bartlett
Melissa Bartlett

Mochinut isn't just about their unique donuts they also serve up, Korean Rice Flour Hotdogs, and Bubble Tea.

Melissa Bartlett
Melissa Bartlett

That's why it was shocking to see that the business is up for sale.

Melissa Bartlett
Melissa Bartlett

According to BizBuySell, the business is for sale for $180,000.  Mochinut is a established franchised located at 1915 S. Washington.  The building where the franchise is located is 1,500 square foot leased building.   All the furniture, fixtures and equipment is included in the sale.  Mochinut is currently the only Korean hotdog and mochi donut shop in Amarillo.

The reason that the  franchise is listed for sale is because the owner is moving to another city.

Hopefully, someone will snap up this amazing business and keep these delicious Mochinuts and hotdogs in Amarillo.   The building is in a great location and easily accessible and the uniqueness of the business is perfect for a city like Amarillo.  Most of the population is ready to try something new and different.

If you have every wanted to own your own unique business franchise in Amarillo, here's your opportunity.

Don't let another business close its doors in Amarillo, thing about becoming the owner of Mochinut.

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