We definitely live in a very political world, and if you don't share the same beliefs as someone else you're wrong.

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A local Amarillo business owner attended a rally for Gubernatorial candidate Beto O'Rourke over the weekend and invited Mr. O'Rourke to have breakfast at his establishment the next day.  Mr. O'Rourke did just that, he and his camp stopped by and had breakfast.  Mr. O' Rourke then posted about the local business and thanked them for the support on his social media pages.

Here's where the dumpster fire started.  The minute that post hit Beto O'Rourke's page, it was then shared to local Amarillo pages.

We are all entitled to our political opinion, we are all entitled to support whatever business we choose to support.  But, why get on social media and bash a business because they offered breakfast to a political candidate?  Yes, the said candidate was probably using it for political gain, but we as citizens of this city and state can do better.

Some of the responses:

  • I will never eat there again
  • F$%# Grandma's Burritos
  • I know where to avoid now
  • I'll be sure to give bad reviews
  • Grandma can take her burritos and cram 'em.

Other responses included:

  • I think that’s cool! Most political candidates (Republican and Democrat)ignore our area completely.
  • I haven't had a chance to eat and this place now I will make sure that happens.
  • Definitely the greatest!

As I kept scrolling Facebook, post after post asking people not to eat here, because a candidate stopped by, and because of the owner's support of the said candidate.

Don't we as a community tout "Shop Local, Support Local Businesses," but the minute we don't like the personal view of the business, it's "cancel, cancel, cancel" this business.

If we were to research closely,  a lot of the places where we shop, don't line up with our political beliefs.  If we boycotted or canceled all the businesses that didn't agree with our views, then we wouldn't have very many places to shop.

If I didn't have the same political beliefs as you, would you never read an article I wrote or listen to me on the radio again? Then hop on social media and bash me?

I personally wouldn't do that to you no matter your political belief, because that is your personal freedom. Yet, this is what we are doing to a locally run business.

Every single person in the US has the choice of their political affiliation and who to vote for, and are free to choose where to eat and where to spend money.  And yes, we are all free to blast a restaurant on social media, but should we?

When did we end up in a world where,  "if I don't believe what you do, then I'm wrong?"

What happened to good old fashion debates, where one person respected the other's opinion.  They didn't have to agree, but there was mutual respect.

Nowadays, it's more like "off with their heads", they disagree!

Can we go back to a world where we can respect each other and agree to disagree?

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