Here's a scary reminder to be careful when you go to meet up with someone to settle an online purchase.

We've all seen the "Buy/Sell/Trade" groups on Facebook. Some of us still use Craigslist. There are tons of apps available to help you buy and sell items online to people from your area.

A 17-year-old was robbed recently when he went to the meetup to settle an online sale.

According to reports, he was selling a cellphone online. The purchaser was supposed to meet up with him to make the exchange. The report states they met at 48th and Bell.

The report goes on to state that when the purchaser arrived, they stayed in the vehicle. The seller walked over and handed them the phone through the window.

That's when, according to the report, a gun was drawn on him and the vehicle sped off. The report doesn't state what site was used.

The robbery took place at around 4:15 pm on Sunday, that's in broad daylight.

It's a grim reminder to be safe when you buy and sell online. Always meet in a public place. Take some friends with you if at all possible. Make arrangements ahead of time to make the exchange in public.

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