When I go out to dinner with family or friends I tend to order an ice cold beer. Especially in these hot summer months a beer goes down so smooth. I usually stick to a Michelob Ultra because of the calories.

Though I am not afraid to try any beer. You got an IPA you want me to try sure. A lager? A stout? I will try anything once. Learning the science of beer? Why not. This seems like such the thing to do. I have made home made wine in the Instant Pot. I would not be against learning the secret and science behind beer and brewing some at home. Why not?

If you are a bit adventurous or just looking for a good time to hang out with your friends then Beerology may just be the event you are looking for. You can head over to the Discovery Center for their After Dark event coming up on July 30th.

Even better if you get your tickets now you can even save some money. The Early Bird Pricing will save you $5 off the normal pricing of $40 for members and $50 for non members.

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The evening will be stacked with all types of fun for us beer lovers. There will be live music that you can dance the night away to. Of course there has to be food. They are not going to let you go hungry. There will be craft beer for you to enjoy. Oh and beer themed science and activities for you and your friends to enjoy.

If you want to enjoy the discounted pricing you have to hurry. You have to have them purchased by the end of the month. So check it out and get your tickets now.

According to the Discovery Center's website this is all you will be enjoying that evening:

  • Live music by Eddie Esler
  • Plenty of Craft beer to go around
  • Beer talks with Budweiser Distributing of Amarillo
  • Pub-inspired food and cooking with beer demonstrations with Chef Bud Andersen.
  • Grown-up beer-themed games with lots of sweet swag for prizes!
  • Get creative with Beer-inspired crafts and test your skills with bar tricks
  • Visit with local brewers, including Pondaseta
  • Tap into Amarillo’s mobile beverage experience with Tap Truck Amarillo!
  • Get hands-on with beer ingredients and learn more about the beer-making process
  • Plus much more!

So I'm thinking this is a great time to be a beer lover in Amarillo.

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