We can never be too safe. We have to be a society that pretty much questions everything. I hate that we can't be trusting and that we can't just know that any email, phone call, text or letter can't be legitimate.

This is the times that we live in. People want to make a quick buck. A lot of people just want to scam others for a living. What a sad life that must be. Your goal is to sit at home and prey on the unsuspecting people out there who don't want to believe that there are bad people around.

Oh but there are. Potter County Sheriff's Office recently shared this information:

Please be aware there is a new scam targeting our community. The scammers use an automated voice stating your identity was used at the US border and it claims to be part of the US Border Patrol. This is a scam. Do not press 1 when prompted, just hang up. Please do not give them any information or confirm anything with them.identity theft

We have been taught that whenever in doubt we just need to hang up and call someone back to verify. Who do we call in this situation? Do we call US Border Patrol? Who do we ask. We need to not be so fast to press any buttons on our phone. We have to doubt to give out any information.

This is a sad world we live in and I can't wait for the days that these scammers aren't getting our information and they just give up. Hopefully soon there will not be anyone falling for any of these hundreds of scams. This is the world that I want to live in again.

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