We all know there are some creepy people out there, and they do some wild things.

Well, this has to be one of the creepier things I've heard happen in Amarillo in a while.

The Amarillo Police Department is on the hunt for a man they suspect was trying to take a video of an underage girl in a Walmart dressing room.

I mean, is nothing sacred anymore?

You go into a store, just wanting to try on some new clothes. You shut the door behind you and think you're free to change. The last thing you expect is that someone will pull their phone out and start shooting video or taking pictures of you.

Isn't there normally an attendant that is there to help you get a room and monitor who goes in and out of the dressing room?

I recognize that Walmart isn't a "clothing" store per se, but I'm almost positive I've seen an employee there at the changing rooms there helping people.

My question is how did they miss someone going in? Or was the man already in there and just waiting?

The incident in question happened on June 25th at an unidentified Walmart. The suspect was approached and questioned, then quickly left the store. Usually an admission of guilt if you ask me.

They believe the man to be in his 20s with blonde hair, and Amarillo PD and Amarillo Crime Stopper want your help.

attachment-Amarillo PD

If you know this man or have any info that could lead to an arrest, you can reach out to the Amarillo Police Department Special Victims Unit at 806-378-3038. You can also contact Crimestoppers at 806-374-4400.

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