When you see the term "luxury home", what do you picture? Three bedrooms, a big kitchen, a pool. Is it a brick house? Farmhouse? What if I told you that there's a new way to live a fancy life of luxury?

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Your new luxury home could be......a Barndominium!

But bear with me! Let's get the basics out of the way first.....because the best is yet to come.

What is a barndominium?

Barn + Condominium = Barndominium

or better known as Barndos.

What's the difference between a barndo and a regular home?

Most houses are built with brick and wood, with 8-9ft, ceilings.  Barndos are made of metal and usually have vaulted ceilings.

Are barndos cheaper to build than houses?

The cost to build a barndo is usually half the cost to build a home.  But keep in mind, the rising costs of everything including metal and steel affect the cost of these homes.

What's better than a luxury bando?

How about a whole bunch of luxury barndos? Move on over, The Colonies, we've got The Barndos of Looby Acres setting up a lap of luxury.

Looby Acres


When you hear the word barndominium you might think of country living, but that's not the case. Rick Looby is about to give it to ye' with his barndo community at Looby Acres.

Located in Amarillo near the medical district and shopping this is the perfect barndo community living.

Rick Looby homes are offering barndos for sale and rent in the quaint community. Keep in mind these homes are massive, so they will be large and wonderful. They will come in 3, 4, and 5 bedrooms with 5 or 6 bathrooms, and 3 car garages. Most floorplans will be 2800 to 4300 sq ft., plus additional space for a shop, storage, or whatever you choose to do with it.  All on 1-acre lots.

Check out the link here and see for yourself.

River Falls

Arch Realty Group | Keller Williams
Arch Realty Group | Keller Williams

There's also a whole mob of barn homes to be found out in River Falls. The one featured above is listed by Arch Realty with Keller Williams and it can be turned into just about any floor plan one could want.

There more and more pockets of these crazy utilitarian homes popping up. Just keep your eyes peeled for them the next time you head south to Canyon on I-27. One of our very favorite barndos listed can be found in that area!

Take a look to see what the "barndo appeal" is all about:

LOOK: One of Amarillo's Hottest Barndominiums!

Barndominiums are all the rage--and they've been all the rage for quite some time around these parts. See, Barndos take all the practicality of a livelihood that many Panhandle residents keep and combine it with all the accoutrements that make a home a home.

This lovely property located at 751 Plantation Rd is the perfect example of a Texas Panhandle barndominium. Take a peek!

This Is The Quintessential "Barndo"

Barndos are the ultimate "efficient home". Take a look at this beauty of a barndo that's listed for sale with Triangle Realty, LLC.


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