It's almost time for Superbowl 50: The Carolina Panthers taking on the Denver Broncos.  You have your team picked and I'm sure every one is making their plans on where to watch the big game. Here are a few suggestions if you haven't locked down your Superbowl party headquarters.

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    7 Sports Bar & Grill

    7 Sports Bar & Grill is a great place to catch ANY game, but the Superbowl will be something special here. You can't look anywhere in this restaurant without seeing a HD flatscreen television. The food is amazing and the staff is friendly.  3130 S Soncy Rd

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    Buffalo Wild Wings

    If you are looking for a place where you can cheer on your favorite Superbowl team, then Buffalo Wild Wings is a great choice for you! They have multiple large screen televisions and they will all be playing the big game! They have many different flavors of wing sauce to choose from. There are two locations to choose from 9511 I-40 East, Amarillo and 5416 S. Coulter.

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    Texas Fire House Grill

    Texas Firehouse Grill has a great atmosphere with great food and drinks.  It is one of the nicest local sports bars you can walk into. They show almost every sports game that is aired and will surely be a fun place to be on Superbowl Sunday! The staff is friendly and whether you want to eat or just drink a beer and watch the game, they have everything you could ask for.  3333 S Coulter. 

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    Hooters Restaurant

    Hooters is a great place to go for just about every party occasion. World famous burgers and shrimp, along with plenty of televisions to watch the big game. And of course you have the world famous Hooters girls waiting on you. So, gather up the guys, girls, family or friends and head to Hooters for a burger and the Superbowl. 8101 I-40 Frontage Rd.

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    Super Bowl Party

    And if you aren't feeling a sports bar atmosphere, throw one your own. All the food you could want to eat, drinks for everyone of every age and a hard fought football game. Just make sure that you have plenty of seats! The only problem is when you get up for a bathroom break, you can expect to come back to a stolen seat.

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