Brown's Playhouse in Canyon, Texas is a special place.

Lynn Brown, affectionately called Lolli, has been the proud owner of Brown's Playhouse Daycare for an astonishing 20 years. Lolli and her husband, Pop, are a team who joyfully cared for and cherished thousands of children in their years of operation.

"She's keeping and has kept 2nd generation kids," said Lolli's daughter, Jamie Allen.

With nearly four decades of service to multi-generational families, the roots of Brown's Playhouse run deep. Lolli and Pop bought the playhouse from Lou and Nancy Camp, who had purchased it from Nancy's parents, Dr. Bill & Mae Townsend, following decades of faithful service.

With these well-respected members of the Canyon community in its lineage, Brown's Playhouse is a cornerstone for many families. As of yesterday, the Playhouse made the sober announcement that December 22, 2023 would be the last day open..

In a carefully-composed post published on their Facebook page, the operators of Brown's Playhouse expressed that the decision was not one made lightly.

According to Jamie, who spoke on behalf of her parents, Lolli and Pop have worked diligently with the families and staff of the daycare in the upcoming transition.

The family expressed that they "give all glory to the Lord who allowed us to shepherd His business here for the time He gave us."

In the meantime, the closing of Brown's Daycare will not go without occasion.

Brown's Playhouse Reunion on December 16, 2023

There will be a retirement/reunion party at Brown's Playhouse on Saturday, December 16th from 5-7pm. Anyone who has attended, had kids who attended, or were employed as staff at the daycare are invited.

"We have photo albums going back to the 1970s," said Jamie. "We welcome anyone to come look for themselves in our thousands of pictures and take them home as a memento of the impact the Playhouse has had."
With the generations of Canyon's families who have been nurtured under Lolli and Pop's care, the legacy of Brown's Playhouse will remain--long after the doors close for the final time.

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