Another building in Amarillo goes up in flames.

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The Amarillo Fire Department was called out to a structure fire in the 700 block of N. Jefferson on Tuesday, August 9th, at 9:57 PM.   When arriving at the location at 702 N. Jefferson,  firefighters found a large garage with fire and smoke coming from the building.

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According to a press release from the Amarillo Fire Department, fire crews positioned hose lines and an aerial ladder stream around the building and began to extinguish the fire from exterior positions. AFD proceeded to try to extinguish the fire from outside the building.  They requested a second alarm to help bring the fire under control.  They were able to have the fire under control by 11:00 PM.

The roofs and parts of the exterior and interior collapsed due to the fire.

Some firefighters remained on the scene to make sure the hot spots in the building were extinguished.

As of this time, the cause of the fire has not been released.  The Amarillo Fire Marshal's office is investigating the incident.

Eight AFD units and 26 firefighters were on the scene fighting the fire.  No injuries were reported.

This building was located near the corner of North Jefferson and Amarillo Blvd.  The building was a popular place for transients to use as housing.

Thanks to the Amarillo Fire Department for their quick response and for keeping the area around the fire safe.

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