Buzzfeed named Canadian one of the 14 small Texas towns that are worth visiting.

Texas has so many charming small towns that it's impossible to count all of them. It's even harder to rank them, since each small town is different.

Buzzfeed has done the job for us. They ranked 14 towns in Texas that have charisma, character, and enough attractions to be more interesting than the rest.

Canadian, which is located about 100 miles northeast of Amarillo, made it on the list as #7.

The small town is described as having a "wild west" feel to it. This is appropriate, since the Canadian River was a regular stop for Native Americans as they followed buffalo herds and the first white settlers were ranchers and cowboys.

Canadian has done a great job of preserving its historic sites. The Palace Theater has been updated to reflect the traditional look and feel of old movies while offering modern screens and a constant stream of new movies. The Women's Christian Temperance Union Hemphill County Library, which is the only one the in U.S. to be built, owned, and maintained by a local WCTU chapter, was built in 1911 and still functions today.

The town hosts a 4th of July celebration, often headlined by a popular country music performer. There are rodeos and music festivals in the area all summer long. Canadian has a golf course, art galleries, and several local restaurants.

Overall, Canadian is a sweet getaway, whether it's just a stop on the way or your final destination.

For more information about visiting Canadian, visit their website.