Being a health inspector is a tough job.  You are in a position where you have to go into facilities every day to make sure they are following the guidelines for properly serving the public.

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That health inspector never knows what they are going to find when they walk into a business.  It could be A+ or it could be grosser than gross and a D.

Speaking of a D.  I guess you could say this former Amarillo business (or is it?) had a D when the health inspector came to visit.

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Back on June 23, 2017, the health inspector stepped into Cassidy's Polo Club.  Yes, Cassidy's was exactly what you think it was, a strip club. The club closed on February 3, 2019,(however, signs show it may rise from the ashes).  While he was inspecting the facility, this poor health inspector came across something that should only be in the office of a plastic surgeon.

The health inspector found a breast implant mixed in with utensils to serve food and drinks.

I mean it's not exactly way off to have a breast implant in a strip club.  Who knows what the performers use or have as tools for their performances? However, it's probably not a good idea to have a medical-enhancing device, with things that touch food.


As you would probably assume, no one knew how it ended up in the utensil holder.  It's possible, they had a traveling breast implant doctor who was doing consultations in the facility and accidentally left one at the bar.  It could happen.

The breast implant wasn't the only thing they got dinged for that day, the other demerits included the lack of a certified food manager, bottle nozzles and beer cooler racks needed to be cleaned, floor tiles needed to be replaced, and they didn't have test strips to measure pH balance.  They received 9 total demerits that day.

I'm sure it was somewhat of a shock when the health inspector found this breast implant.  Just imagine what these health inspectors see on a daily basis, however, a breast implant was probably a first on that summer day in 2017.

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