Christmas traditions are important parts of family life and one fun family tradition is Christmas in the Gardens.

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Christmas in the Gardens has been a big part of the holiday season for over a decade.  It's become a family tradition for my family.  We go and experience the Amarillo Botanical Gardens every year.  It's a magical time.

Lori Crofford/TSM Amairllo
Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo

When the Amarillo Botanical Gardens light up it feels like it is officially Christmas. What makes Christmas in the Gardens so special? For some, it's just the Christmas feeling it brings. For others, it is seeing their children's eyes light up at the sight of all the lights. It's the perfect place for a date or a romantic environment to pop the question. It's also a great place to take pictures and make memories with your friends and family.

Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo
Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo

This year over 400,000 lights will twinkle at the Amarillo Botanical Gardens.   Not only will you get to enjoy the beauty of the gardens twinkling bright, but guess who will be there with you.  Santa!!!  Santa will be on-site, but you'll also need to watch out because the Grinch will be there as well.  Grab some cocoa as you walk through the gardens with your family and enjoy caroling from many local groups from the Amarillo area.

Christmas in the Gardens will be open this year from November 26th - December 23rd, 6 pm - 8:30 pm.  The week of Christmas they will be open December 19th-23rd from 6 pm - 8:30 pm.

Admission will be $8 for adults, Members and children under 5 get in free.

Amarillo Botanical Garden's Christmas in The Garden

Christmas time something magical happens at the Amarillo Botanical Gardens, over a million lights decorate the grounds of this majestic place.

Every year they open the gates over the holidays and thousands of people come through to see this magical holiday world.

If you have never experienced the Amarillo Botanical Gardens' Christmas in the Gardens, you are missing a magical Christmas experience complete with Santa Claus.

We'll give you a sneak peek and a tour of Christmas in the Gardens.

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