We all joke around about how the weather in the panhandle does whatever it wants to. The old saying goes, "If you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes." Honestly though, I'm getting tired of the roller coaster ride.

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This week has been up and down. We've seen warm days that remind us of spring, followed by cloudy cold days that walk the line between fall and winter.

National Weather Service Amarillo put out an update this morning on our next chance for precipitation. That particular word choice is important, because they're saying we could see rain and snow, with it being more rain than snow eventually.

While I'm glad we aren't expected to see another historic winter weather event, that forecast just sounds gross.

On top of that, temps are still going to be bouncing around between the 60s and 40s for highs according to some forecasts.

My poor immune system is freaking out with all of the weather whiplash it's getting.

At this point, I don't care if it's cold or hot. It could even be somewhere in between. I just beg of Mother Earth, Gaia, the U.S. government, God, whoever is in control of the weather; give us some consistency.

If you check out the graphic from NWS Amarillo, they show Amarillo in the area that has the "best" potential for the wet mix of bad and awful. By bad and awful, I mean rain and snow. I doubt it's going to be anything you need to hoard toilet paper over.

You can stay up on the latest and get info on the spotter class they're hosting tonight by following this link to their Facebook page.

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