Amarillo finally gets a Panera Bread, a restaurant that has been wished for by many, for a very long time.  However, it seems the Panera Bread Amarillo got, was not the one from their wishes.

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It seems the Amarillo Panera Bread has been frocked with obstacle after obstacle since it opened.  The parent company was excited about the opening of the new store in Amarillo.

If you follow any of the local restaurant groups on several occasions people have posted about Panera Bread.

  • November 26th - FYI the inside of Panera Bread is closed due to short staffing. The drive-thru is horrible! I should have known better!
  • On December 2nd, Why is Panera Bread Closed?
  • Around December 6th - Hope you work Out the kinks soon and can stay open!
  • December 18th- Our new Panera Bread is closed today because no one showed up for work.  It is "iffy" if they will open up tomorrow.
  • Well apparently they closed the other day because no one wants to work..So how can anyone try them if they can’t stay open?
  • We did shut down for other reasons. Like a pressurized water leak. Environmental health shut down the building because of a migratory bird that took several days to get out.
  • Panera Bread needs new management it's a mess in here
  • Is it possible that it is the current management...hmmm?
  • If the working conditions are what they say, a total walkout is totally acceptable. Nothing gets corporates' attention like no profit.

I personally haven't had a chance to visit our new local Panera Bread, but I'm almost afraid to visit.  Hopefully, sooner rather than later, they will be able to work out the kinks and Amarillo will finally have the Panera Bread they have dreamed of all along.

Let's put this Panera Bread back in the Upside Down World and start with a regular Panera Bread.

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