Amarillo is saturated with convenience stores on just about every corner.  Toot N Totum is a very familiar one, but do you think downtown Amarillo needs one?

Amarillo is undergoing a lot of changes to help revitalize the downtown area.  And with all the renovations being done, Toot n Totum wants to be a part.  How does a downtown Toot N Totum convenience store sound?  Well if TNT officials have their way, that is exactly what will happened.

Nothing is official, but TNT representatives want it to happen.  They want to build a store that is 4,258-square-feet.  The store will be on a vacant city block on Southeast Ninth and Southeast 10th avenues on the north and south and Buchanan and Pierce streets on the east and west.  The store will have eight fuel pumps and a drive through window.

Amarillo has certain criteria for building downtown and one thing that might create a problem is the drive through.  Before anything happens, though, TNT reps want to make sure everything planned will get approved.  This way no money is lost.

Discussions were to take place last Thursday.  No word yet if TNT will move forward, but what are your thoughts?  Could Downtown Amarillo use a Toot N Totum store?