It seems like this is an ongoing issue. I get it. It gets hot during the summer here in Amarillo. It's been almost ridiculously hot this summer. So that means that we put a lot of extra strain on our electricity usage.

Even if we turn our thermostat up a couple of degrees it still seems to be running a lot to keep us comfortable. We try to find ways to cut costs. It doesn't seem to help. At a time when almost everything else in our lives is going up can we expect the same for our electric bill?

This is why I am a huge fan of the Average Monthly Plan that Xcel Energy offers. They figure out how much electricity I use in a year and divide it up by the twelve months. So in times like this when the usage goes up, I don't get hit with a huge bill. Yes, it also means during the winter when I don't use it as much my bill is a bit higher than what I am using. I am ok with that. I don't find myself with a huge bill during these months.

Seeing some of my friends post about their bills make me very happy I have done that. My friend, Gabe, asked if anyone else's bill went up this month. It seems his doubled from the prior bill.

Most of the responses I saw were:

Ours was $500 - Dana


Yes, Our bill was $379.02, $167 more than last month. - Tim


Almost doubled - Misti


Yes. Ours is ridiculous -Kim

So how about your bill? Did it go up?

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