The Dumas Noon Lions Club is the 10th largest club in the world. The Dumas area's organizations wouldn't be able to operate fully without funds the lion club raises.

Thousands of dollars are expected to be raised this year for all the organizations in Moore County thanks to Dogie Days. For 67 years the Dumas Noon Lions Club puts on a celebration.

dumasnoonlionsclub @ Facebook
dumasnoonlionsclub @ Facebook

This is an a event that has a carnival, food booths, a parade, and town barbecue. The event does more than just bring residents together. The money raised from this four day event goes to benefit 40 different organizations in Dumas and surrounding Moore county.

Working together makes Dogie Days a great event. this event draws around 250 lions and every one of them is out there participating and helping. This is how they they can raise the money. Dogie Days runs through tomorrow night along with a parade Saturday morning at the McDade Park in Dumas.

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