Today is the BIG day we will find out who will be the next President Of The United States. You may have already made your vote or selecting your vote last-minute regardless tonight we will know if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be our next President. Just recently The Hacker Morning Show was given a English Bulldog as their new mascot. The mascot will bring smiles to many peoples faces as we will take her to senior citizen homes and children's homes. As we wait for the big announcement tonight on our next President we decided to put the English Bulldog to the test and see who she decides who will be our next President Of The United States. We setup a track where at the end of the track was a picture of Hillary and Trump next to each-other with a pile of dog food in front of their faces. It's up to the English Bulldog to see who's pile of dog food she eats. Will it be Trump or Hillary. Check out the video for yourself to see who her Presidential pick was. My favorite part were peoples Facebook comments!

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