We all love those four legged furry friends of ours. They're family and we want to make sure they stay healthy.

Well so does Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare, so much so they've got free vaccinations for your dog!

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The distemper outbreak in Amarillo kind of heightened our awareness of our family pets, and it kind of made us all look at whether or not their vaccines are up to date.

One thing about pets is that they can be expensive when it comes to the health of them. A trip to the vet isn't exactly cheap, so we have a tendency to avoid them if we can. This leads to us missing vaccinations because we see it as, "hey, they're not sick so we're good".

Well when it comes to rabies and DHPP vaccinations for your canine, you have no more excuses. Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare are hooking your little (and big) family members up with free vaccinations! Here's a great chance for you to get a couple of very important shots for them, without having it take a shot at your wallet.

The first free event happened this past Saturday, however there are still 3 more chances to get those free vaccines!

The next event will be Saturday, August 21 at East Library. If you don't know where that is, you'll find them at 2232 E. 27th from 1-3pm.

Can't make it to that one? No worries, you can find the full listing of days, times and places to get your dog the vaccines they need at the Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare page.

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