"There's something you don't see every day", which is quite the response to something you could never imagine seeing in Amarillo.

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First of all, we never thought we would see so much rain that it would fill all the area lakes, and flood the streets, and playas.   However, it has, and the rain just continues to keep coming.

I have heard many people, all those years we prayed for rain.  Now it's raining for every year that we didn't get enough rainfall.  Don't say God doesn't answer prayer.  It may take a while and it may all come at once, but God answered.

However, I digress.  Here is something that doesn't happen in Amarillo.  It seems to be a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence (or will occur again when the rains come down and the floods come up).

We have fish in the streets!

Fish just swimming along having a grand old time, just cruising down the gutters of Georgia Street.

Fish swimming down Georgia Street
by u/potaydo in amarillo

This is just crazy.  Forget the pole, All you had to do to catch a fish with your hands.

The crazy things that we can now say we've seen in our lifetime, are fish just swimming down Georgia Street in Amarillo.

I just hope those fine fish were able to get back to the lake or the playa they were calling home, and not the sewer drain.

However, they will probably end up in the storm drain and five years from now, someone is going to have to go down into the sewer to fix something and get attacked by a 50lb mutant fish.

You know it will happen.  I mean we just saw fish swimming down Georgia St.

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