It seems that Halloween has become more of an adult holiday than it is for kids.  Well, not at my house.  As a matter of fact, we try to make it a family holiday.  We all dress up and make sure our son has the best time.  Here are some fun family activities that you might enjoy!

Pumpkin Farms

We love going to pumpkin farms.  They are a perfect way to enjoy a fall afternoon.  Pumpkin farms offer lots of different activities like corn mazes, hayrides, petting zoos and more.  And after all the fun has been done, you can go out to the pumpkin field and each pick your own pumpkin.  Check out these sites for more details: Amazingly Fun Farm and Maxwell's Pumpkin Farm.  They are both good choices.

Haunted Houses

If you like to get spooked, then the perfect place to hang out would be a haunted house.  A lot of the haunted houses around town have something for everyone.  Amarillo has some pretty good haunts like Amarillo Scaregrounds, Farmagedon, 6th Street Massacre and the Chainsaw Massacre.

Boo At The Zoo

Nothing is better than spending Halloween with the best 'party' animals in town.  The Amarillo Zoo will be hosting three days of Halloween fun.  October 23th - October 24th, doors will be open from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm and October 25th noon-5 pm allowing families to come in and enjoy the zoo.  You will see costume characters galore, treat stations and let the kids participate in different activities and games.  And not to mention, enjoy all the zoo animals.

Monster Bash

Friday, October 30th, the Don Harrington Discovery Center will open the doors for the kiddos to enjoy the annual Monster Bash!  From 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm kids will get to enjoy the exhibits and a have a good time.  Kids are $5 and chaperons are free.  Costumes are welcome!

Trick or Treating

Nothing is more fun than dressing up and going door to door collecting candy.  Of course, make sure that there is an adult with the kids at all times.  And if you want to be extra safe, the Westgate Mall also does an annual trick or treat where kids can go store to store and collect candy.  Malloween will take place Saturday, October 31st starting at 5pm.

Let's make Halloween a fun time for the entire family!  Dress up, go out and have fun.

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