No, I will start this by saying NO Country Pride is not opening back up BUT you can have the next best thing. The enchiladas. You know what I am talking about.

I like to scroll through my Facebook feed to find ideas on what to write about. I was at a loss for today until I hit my Prince fan friend, Jennifer Thomas and her Facebook page.

She went home last night from work and tried a recipe she found online for Country Pride's famous enchiladas. If you ever went there, and who didn't. You have probably been Jonesing for that delicious recipe. For a short time Trailboss served them on Friday's. They just weren't the same.

Looking at her post she said they really did taste similar. She even went as far to get on Amazon and order the metal plates similar to what they were served on at Country Pride. She says her next batch will be on those.

credit: Amazon

She is even bringing leftovers. Is this a great friend or what? I will let you know later this week about the verdict. Even leftover I am pretty sure these will be AMAZING!

Check out these enchiladas.

credit: Jennifer Thomas, Amarillo

Do you want this delicious recipe to try yourself? Of course you do. I also caught friends asking for the hot sauce recipe from Country Pride. It tasted more like ketchup so yeah not a fan.....but these enchiladas!

credit: Raymond Winerger, Amarillo TX

So try it out for yourself. Comment below what you thought of the recipe. You are welcome!