We had the privilege of chatting up country artist Grace Tyler, before her performance in Amarillo, Texas on Friday, April 19th.

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Grace Tyler

Born and raised in Frisco, Texas, Grace Tyler began performing live at the age of 14, and by the age of 16 she had won music competitions, and by the age of 17, she was traveling to Nashville to write and record.  Grace Tyler is now living and working in Nashville, writing and recording songs.  She has performed with the biggest names in country music including Parker McCollum, Scotty McCreery, Josh Turner and Martina McBride.  Plus, superstar Lee Brice whom she will be performing with this Friday, April 19th.

Red Light Managment
Red Light Managment

As mentioned above Grace Tyler was born and raised in Texas.

What do you find unique about Texas that you can't find in other places you have lived or traveled?

Where are those favorite BBQ spots? Why are they so special?

Red Light Management
Red Light Management

Grace Talks about why Texas is so special.

Grace talks about being an early riser, even on the road she's up and going in the early morning.

As a songwriter, where is the most interesting spot you have ever stopped to write down the idea?

Tell us about learning how to play golf!

Grace Tyler released her new single Texas Hold 'Em - She catches flack about stealing someone's man and the song is so much deeper. Plus, releasing a song at the same time as Beyonce with the same name.

Check out Grace Tyler's Texas Hold 'Em

Grace talks about working and performing with Lee Brice

Red Light Management
Red Light Management

Don't miss Grace Tyler opening for Lee Brice
Friday, April 19th
Starlight Ranch Event Center
Doors open at 6pm, Show starts at 8pm
Tickets are still available.

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