The 4th of July holiday and weekend will be here before you know it, and we have some great news for those in Randall County.

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The fireworks ban has been lifted.

The Randall County Commissioners Court, with the advice from Chief Joe Koch with the Randall County Fire Department:

The recent rainfall had brought the drought conditions outside of the needed drought index to continue the ban.  The letter from the governor for the disaster status has expired and the drought index is just under the thresh hold, therefore the ban had to expire

Keep in mind that although the ban is lifted, some parts of the western half of Randall County did not receive as much rain and it is dangerously dry.

According to the Randall County Sheriff's Office,

“It is literally in the hands of the citizens to make good decisions on the use of fireworks,” said Christy Dyer, County Judge.

If you are planning on shooting off fireworks, be safe and smart about the environment you choose to fire off these fireworks.

Just a friendly reminder that shooting off fireworks, selling fireworks, or having fireworks in your possession is still illegal in the city limits of Amarillo.

Although the fireworks ban has been lifted in Randall County, the burn ban is still in effect.

Many people were bummed to hear about the fireworks ban in Randall Country, hopefully, this will make everyone happy.  Again just be sure to celebrate the 4th of July responsibly.  We don't want any fires started due to fireworks.

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