And the rains came tumbling down and down and down.

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The rain has been an extreme blessing for our area, however, it has also been a curse.  We have needed the rain for so long, but I guess when your prayers get answered, they get answered.  However, most of us didn't realize we would need an ark.

Hereford was recently hit with some hard rains and it flooded the city.  Some areas are more than others.  A local feed yard lost multiple heads of cattle due to the rain, and a local community in Hereford was completely flooded and the water is still lingering.

The El Campo community is underwater and in need of assistance.  The main item the community needs is water.  Lots and lots of bottled water.  Due to the floods in the community, they need bottled water because they are not able to use the water in their homes.

Former City Council Candidate and US Veteran Hobert Brown has put together a drive to help the El Campo Community in Hereford.

The El Campo, (82 Homes) community in Hereford Texas, is currently submerged due the heavy amount of rain. Their water system is contaminated. When I asked what they needed water was the only thing they asked for. I'm asking everyone who read this message to donate at least a case of water, however, one bottle is just as good as nothing.

If you can donate a case of water or multiple cases of water, please help this community.

This is what is great about the Texas Panhandle, when we have fellow brothers and sisters in need we come together to help.  Please if you can donate, drop some water off Thursday, June 1st thru Saturday, June 3rd at the Handle Bar and Grill on 3514 6th Ave. to help.

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