It's always great to hear when the smaller towns in the Texas Panhandle continue to grow.

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These smaller towns are where most of us grew up before making our way into Amarillo to make a home.  It's always a plus when you see places that would have never been built when you were in your hometown finally making their way into the town.

Hereford, Texas is a prime example.  Yes, Hereford has always had a McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Sonic, and Dairy Queen.  However, it hasn't always had such great choices for fast food places.   Things have changed.  Hereford now has a Starbucks, Scooters Coffee, an HTeaO is being built.  They have a KFC (which they had and then it left and then came back), Subway, Carls Jr., Wendy's, Taco Bell, Little Ceasar's and Burger King.   They also have a lot of great local places to choose from as well, Parsons, The Ranch House, Mrs. Abalos, Hunan, Jalisco's, Dakotas and Mr. Burger (yes, that Mr. Burger).

They are about to have another choice of places to eat soon.

Chicken Express will be opening up a location in Hereford.

According to licensing documentation, the location will be 200 1st Street, on the North side of 1st (HWY 60) between Lee St and Miles Street. The project is projected to be done in early 2024.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It seems that Chicken Express isn't the only chicken coming to Hereford, rumor has it a Golden Chick is moving into the North Gate Plaza on 25 Mile Avenue close to Tractor Supply.

More choices to eat for the home of the Hereford Whitefaces.  Although growth is a must and this is great for Hereford, I just wish some of the old classics would come back.  Remember Juanita's Burritos?  They had some of the best burritos in the world.

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