Coffee is life.  Coffee gets us going.  Coffee is a staple.  Coffee is the best and that's why it's exciting that Hereford is getting a new coffee shop.

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Scooter's is making its way into the Beef Capital of the World, Hereford will now have a Scooter's location.  The location will be built where the old Long John Silver's Building has sat empty for years, 1220 1st St. (it's on Highway 60).  It will sit between Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

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This will be the first national coffee chain that will be calling Hereford home.  Hereford does have a few local coffee locations.  The Water Lot, located on 25 Mile Ave., and Choco-Latte located in the Crossed Keys liquor store on 25 Mile Ave.

Amarillo currently has a Scooter's at 34th and Western and their new store at 34th and Georgia will be opening soon.    Borger has a Scooter's Coffee and one will be opening soon in Pampa.  Plus, if you add the new Hereford location.  Scooter's Coffee is taking over the Texas Panhandle.

Scooter's signature drink is the Caramelicious, and the menu features an array of specialty espresso beverages, single-origin coffee, fruit smoothies, Red Bull Infusions, Cold Brew, baked-from-scratch pastries, and savory breakfast options. What I found most interesting is that Scooter’s also recently released its first-ever ready-to-drink canned flavored lattes!

Scooter's Coffee also has an app available. You can earn 3 "Smiles" for every dollar you spend. With their reward program, you earn a free drink every 180 Smiles. There are a few more perks of having the app, such as a free drink on your birthday and surprise rewards that only app users will have. You'll also be able to pay with your app as well.

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