There is one thing Texans love to drink and that is tea.  There is one thing about a small town and that is small towns love, new businesses.

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Put the two together and you might have guessed that a small town is getting a tea store.  However, it's not just any small town and it's not just any tea store.

If you grew up in a small town in the Texas Panhandle, you knew that to get anything cool or hip, you had to drive to Amarillo to get it.  On every single trip to Amarillo, you had your routine of where you would stop.

Luckily, our small towns are growing and are seeing places open up that you could only once find in Amarillo.

Hereford is one of those small towns.

Twenty-seven fresh brewed flavors of tea are making their way into Hereford.  Hereford is getting their very own HTeaO.  The HTeaO will be located at 139 N. 25 Mile Avenue.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The store will be located in between Ideal Rentals and Sun and Nail Spa, and right across the street from Avenue Baptist Church.

Keep On Growing!

Hereford has seen immense growth since it got its very own Walmart and Amigos.  However, they are still growing.  In a place where the only place you could get coffee was a truck stop or a convenience store, Hereford now has a Scooter's Coffee and a Starbucks.

They also are getting a new fast food place near Tractor Supply. Rumor has it, that it could be a Taco Villa or a Golden Chick.  We're still researching.

Either way, tea is making its way to the Beef Capitol of the world.

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