As many already know, Hereford, Texas was my hometown.  It's where I was born (shoutout to Dr. Johnson, who is still working and delivering babies).  I was raised under the dust cloud of cow poop and graduated from HHS.

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Then I ventured up the road to Canyon and finally made Amarillo my permanent home.

I loved my time in Hereford and loved the impact on my life it had, however, even though certain things change, some things do not change.  When I came across a video on this thing called TikTok.  I just laughed.  There is no place in Hereford that looks anything like this...

I'm still laughing, beautiful beaches and palm trees. We all wish!  All we had was the Tierra Blanca Creek in Veteran's Park and it was usually dry and empty.  If we had mountains, it was mountains of cow manure.

Oh, that would be a joyous place to live!

However, for those of us who grew up there or still live there, this place definitely does not look like this, maybe in our dreams.

So if this truly exists, where is the portal to get to this Hereford, Texas?   Is it hiding in the giant whiteface cow on the trailer?   Is it hidden in the POW Chapel outside of town?  Is it in the basement of the High School?

Where is the portal?

Please someone share the location that will take us to this alternate reality of Hereford.  I need a really great vacation on a beach and in the mountains.

Either way, this was some great entertainment and a good laugh for those of us that grew up in the Beef Capital of the World.

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