So, Saint Patrick's day is here! Did you wear your green?

To really make it nice and simple, St. Patrick's day celebrates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland back in the 5th century A.D. and while things may not be so green around here in Amarillo, we all get to be Irish for a day, partake in wearing green and for those of you who can take the taste of it... Green Beer. Don't look at me for reviews, I never got into the hype.


Now this year St. Patrick's isn't looking too appealing, The bars are open and the restrictions are lifted but the weather doesn't seem to be cooperating with a blizzard warning in effect for most of the area through the evening hours and even then bar hopping in snow doesn't seem that appealing to me. I think we can sit this one out till the weekend when things look better but... if you absolutely need to go out and get hammered tonight... make sure you have a plan and here in town there are plenty of options to get home safe. Some might cost you a few bucks others are free but getting back in one piece is what it's all about.

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1. Ride Share

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Spencer Platt

Yep. tried and true, get that Uber, Lyft or Ola reserved, One tip... because the weather is already gonna be nasty and demand is up anyway because of the nature of the night... be prepared to wait and pay more than the usual rates. Oh and take care of your driver... tip well... don't be THAT guy...

2. Taxi

Yes, there are plenty of cab services in Amarillo, and like ride share they are going to be busier than normal because of the extra demand and weather. The meter's running with these guys so make sure you already have a good spot to get to and save some fare. even better split it with someone to make it easier.

3. The Designated Driver


The old standby. This is the hero of the night. maybe you got that one friend who doesn't drink? Well, this is a great way to get home. plus they already know where you need to be and who to contact if something really goes wrong. be prepared to return the favor when they need something in return.

4. The Walk of Shame

Ahh yes.... so you didn't have a plan... well my friend... the walk of shame is for you. just make sure you bundle up because of the weather... and as someone who has done this before make sure you call someone and let them know what you're up to... more than likely family or friends will keep this situation from happening by getting into their car and finding you before something happens. Be prepared to get a talkin' to.

5. The Police

Doug Menuez

Absolutely the worst way to get home... and I guarantee you won't end up there anytime soon. I hear both Randall and Potter County Jail breakfast ain't that great either. This should be avoided at all costs. the fines and court costs aren't something you can afford and if you're in this situation you already blew it. Last year APD had 13 arrests surrounding St. Patrick's Day. Don't be a part of that tally this year. or even worse don't be the person who is on the news or my blog who got covered for causing a death. I like you, You seem nice and I wanna see you around for a while.

My advice, pick up a sixer somewhere, stay home and have fun with a few friends and family members. It's better to pass out on a couch anyway than have to deal with all the above.

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