Another Day Another Scam, it's bad enough that there's a few job scams going around as is. This one though hits you in your wallet. Someone is going around making phone calls telling you that your amazon account has been compromised and could take advantage of you.

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Tero Vesalainen
Tero Vesalainen

Due to the nature of the job I have here at the radio station I have a lot of calls come in from outside the market for artists, programming and various other things that keep us on the air. Since I have so many of these calls it's very difficult to reject a call and try and screen it, after all in the business (as with any business) each call could be the next big thing and you don't want to miss out but the call I got yesterday was just pure gold.

I'm with Amazon!

John had called me to inform me that my amazon account was compromised and someone had made an $649 iPhone purchase with it. and immediately asked me for my credentials to send me a confirmation that this was a fraud purchase but the red flags were already there. I don't keep payment information on file with amazon (you shouldn't either) and had this person truly been with Amazon he would have already had my account information in tow and would have been able to send me said link without having to ask me for the info. plus had my card been compromised, the issuer would have called, not Amazon. the other dead give away was he was asking for my I.P. address. again a strange way to send communication. At this point I asked for his supervisor, to which he replied there were none. another red flag. and my cue to hang up. no details or info given, clearly he had my name from the phone logs but other than that he could not fill in other info that I asked him for.

It's all about keeping them on the line until they screw up

In John's case I kept him on the line and kept redirecting him to the point where he started to have his story unfold. plus the longer I kept him on the line, the less he could scam other folks, besides, I own an iPhone and know that $649 for a pro max 12 would be a dream since this retails for well over 1,000 bucks in full.

Scammers will always do at least 4 things to try and get you.

They'll pretend to be with someone you know or name drop for credibility and may even take steps to fake the phone number on the caller ID to make it look legitimate.

They'll always say there's a problem or a prize waiting for you but you need to act fast and give them some type of information to resolve the issue.

Often times there's an extremely limited time window for you to act or they will pressure you with some form of retaliation if you don't act

If you do happen to need to pay they will ensure that they dictate the payment terms which may seem a little outlandish

If it's too good to be true... Hang Up

Use your own common sense, if something isn't adding up... just hang up

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