Hello there old friend, we've missed you.

If you're anything like me, you miss the old Hastings off Southwest Parkway. I do enjoy Entertainmart since it moved in down the shopping center from where Hastings was. However, Hastings had a different feel to it and sadly I don't think another store ever will do what Hastings did. I thought Hastings were all gone forever. Not so fast.

Looks like a Hastings superfan named Jerry Bostic opened one. He worked at the store in Ardmore, Oklahoma back in the day. Sadly, when their Hastings shut down, it left a big gap in their community. Similar to us here in Wichita Falls with our Hastings. Jerry decided to open up a new store and model it after the old Hastings.

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If you scroll through his website, you will see it has everything you remember at Hastings back in the day. If you're having withdrawal issues from Hastings, make the road trip to Ardmore, Oklahoma. You can find the store at 1211 North Commerce Street.

I found out about this place because apparently my nWo brother Kevin Nash will be making an appearance there on Sunday. So I could meet Kevin Nash and go back into a Hastings. Sounds like a win win. Fun fact about Kevin Nash, he also played Super Shredder in the TMNT 2: The Secret of the Ooze. I need him to autograph that toy for me.

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