So first of all kudos to the Atlanta Braves for winning the World Series. That means that Tucker Davidson, who graduated from Tascosa High School, gets a ring. Oh and by the way Tucker was not even born the last time the Braves won the World Series back in 1995.

Tucker Davidson wasn't able to celebrate back in 1995

Tucker was born in March of 1996. How much has the world changed since the last time the Braves won? Oh a lot. Bill Clinton was the President. Kel Seliger was our mayor here in Amarillo.

credit: Youtube
credit: Youtube

The cost of gas was what?

The cost of gas? Oh it was only $1.09. Driving to work this morning it was $2.84. Really? That is a whole $1.75 more.

If that doesn't kick you in the behind there is the price of a house in Amarillo. A brand new home would have run you about $113,000. You can barely get a used house now for that amount of money here in Amarillo. It is crazy.

Our Amarillo sports teams looked different

Twenty-six years ago is a long time for us to wait for a World Series ring. I say this as a huge Braves fan. Our local teams in Amarillo were the Amarillo Dillas playing at the Dilla Villa with the Dilla Dude. I miss those days. Now we hang out with Ruckus at Hodgetown cheering on the Sod Poodles.

We were about a year away from heading to the Amarillo Civic Center to cheer on the Amarillo Rattlers. Now we have the Wranglers back again. Amarillo has changed just a bit.

Our Amarillo restaurants gone but not forgotten

Back in 1995 we were still able to go to Gardski's and get an order of fried cheese and a $1 beer on Wednesday's. We were also still able to head down Paramount Street and grab some tacos at Ruby Tequila's in that purple building. Boy those were the days.

Hastings we miss you


Oh and don't get me started on Hastings. We had a few of them in Amarillo. We still had that massive two story building on Georgia to stroll through on a Saturday night looking for that perfect movie to take home.

Who hasn't been to Hastings at closing time when they played their "Happy Trails" song? "Happy Trails to you, until we meet again. Your Hastings on Georgia is closing. Make your final selections and head up to the register."


Oh Amarillo how you have changed since the last time the Atlanta Braves celebrated a World Series victory.

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